Questions we are frequently asked

1. Can I still hear my alarm when using earplugs?

Generally, yes. Sound can never be blocked out entirely, as it is also conveyed through the skin and cranial bone to some extent. Even with well-fitting earplugs, you are never entirely sealed off from your environment.

2. From what age are earplugs suitable for children?

Only the user themselves can speak about the reliable effectiveness of earplugs – small children are often unable to do so. Earplugs could also be swallowed and get stuck in the windpipe. We therefore recommend usage from six years of age, and then only under adult supervision.

3. Are there earplugs that fit well even in narrow auditory canals?

Yes. ON-EAR earplugs, which are positioned in front of the opening of the auditory canal and gently pressed in, or OHROPAX Mini Soft, which are also perfect for smaller auditory canals due to their reduced size, are both suitable in this case.

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4. What is the easiest way to insert IN-EAR earplugs?

By putting one hand over your head and pulling your ear slightly upwards, you can straighten the auditory canal a little. Then the plug can be inserted easily.

5. Can I use OHROPAX to help with tinnitus?

Earplugs unfortunately cannot help with tinnitus itself. However, those affected by tinnitus are often particularly sensitive to noise and should avoid loud noise and loud music. For this, OHROPAX is certainly a great help.

6. Can earplugs be used for diving?

No. Earplugs should generally not be used for diving, as they impede the necessary pressure equalisation.

7. Can OHROPAX earplugs be reused?

In contrast to the workplace, this is certainly possible in the case of private usage. Please ensure that your hands, ears and earplugs are clean and dry. Then they can be reused as long as they still feel pleasantly soft and cushiony. Our earplugs can generally be cleaned with water and a mild soap – Color, Soft and Silicon earplugs up to twice, Multi continuously. OHROPAX Classic are single-use earplugs, as the wax cannot be cleaned.

8. Is it normal that I can hear my own pulse?

Those using earplugs for the first time are often aware of their own pulse. Due to the quietness, it is possible to listen to the sounds your own body makes. This is completely harmless and will quickly pass.

9. Can OHROPAX earplugs be used every day?

Due to their skin-friendly materials, they can be used for several hours every day (e.g. one night). Afterwards, we recommend taking a break from wearing earplugs in order to ventilate the ear – provided, of course, there is no risk of noise.

10. Does OHROPAX® contain latex? PVC?Plasticisers?

OHROPAX exclusively uses safe and tested materials. All of our plugs are also free of latex, PVC and plasticisers.

11. How tightly do OHROPAX earplugs seal while swimming?

Silicone plugs from OHROPAX, e.g. OHROPAX Silicon Aqua, are particularly secure and tight. However, in the case of vigorous movement, they may loosen and are then no longer 100% tight. Additional safety is ensured by wearing a close-fitting headband.

12. Why are the Classic wax plugs wrapped in cotton wool?

This layer of cotton wool is essential for the manufacturing process and makes it easier to remove the plugs from the packaging. Please remove the cotton wool before using the earplugs.