Strength from serenity

Silence is a rare thing

Silence is a rare thing. And so is having the time and opportunity to relax. The world is constantly giving us more opportunities, more information, more variety, more options. Change becomes a constant, enabling us to lead higher-quality lives, travel more, live urban lifestyles and experience more and more. However, the world is also becoming louder and more chaotic all the time. When you experience more, see more and live in higher-density conditions, there are fewer opportunities for retreat and relaxation. Private moments become rarer. Silence is becoming a precious asset. In moments of silence, we can relax and let go. This is what inspires us and is the reason why we have been operating for over 110 years. We need silence, a restful sleep and relaxing moments to restore the energy that we need for our daily lives. We are convinced of this and we work towards this goal every day. And have done so since 1907.