OHROPAX Windwolle

With OHROPAX Windwolle your ears will always be happy, whatever the weather is.
Draughts, coldness and moisture are extremely unpleasant for the sensitive human ear.
The good news is that there is an easy way to quickly prevent such problems: simply grab a pack of OHROPAX Windwolle and take it with you on your travels, enabling you to enjoy your trekking or hiking tour or a walk along the stormy seafront with no troubles whatsoever, whatever the wind and weather may throw at you.

Whether it's taking a bath, a shower or washing your hair, careful hygiene is an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Nevertheless, however nice it may be to take good care of your body, the annoying side effect of unwanted water getting into your ears can quickly become a problem, but not if you've got OHROPAX Windwolle close at hand. You can use this product to keep your ears warm and dry.
The preformed earplugs are made from natural sheep wool impregnated with a water-repellent substance. They are easy to insert and comfortable to wear and will not impair your hearing or the normal ventilation of your ears. On top of this, the plugs are also saltwater resistant and ideal for use in children's ears.
Windwolle is also a useful precautionary measure that can be used in the case of grommets and middle ear infections. Please consult your ENT specialist before using it for such purposes.



1. Insert the preformed plug into the ear canal. Occasionally check that the plug is firmly in place.

2. The protective effect of the plug against the penetration of water into the ear may decrease in the case of high water pressure or if the plug becomes loose. The plugs should therefore not be used when swimming, diving or high diving or in the case of injuries to the eardrum and inner ear infections. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.


Material: Preformed plugs made of sheep wool impregnated with a water-repellent substance
Product Information
OHROPAX Windwolle provides no sound insulation.
OHROPAX Windwolle can be reused as long as it is in perfect hygienic condition. In order to keep the earplugs in perfect condition, carefully squeeze out any remaining moisture once you have removed them from the ear and then leave the plugs to thoroughly air dry. The earplugs cannot be cleaned with soap because this may remove their water-repellent impregnation. 

High Tolerability
OHROPAX Windwolle is considered to be extremely tolerable. It contains no ingredients that are known to cause allergies.


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