Hearing protection and undistorted sound – can you have both? With the new OHROPAX music earplugs, you certainly can, which makes this product an ideal choice for music lovers.


OHROPAX music offers comfortable noise reduction without affecting your enjoyment of the music.


The special filters boast even noise reduction for all frequencies (‘flat insulation curve’). This means that music can be enjoyed with unique even insulation and your hearing stays protected. A conversation is still possible is still possible despite the insulation. The soft, anatomically shaped lamellas guarantee excellent comfort.


For people with smaller ear canals, each pack also includes a second pair of slightly smaller earplugs.The filters can easily be exchanged if necessary. Thus the earplugs are also suitable for school-age children.


The earplugs can be cleaned and reused.


The earplugs consist of two parts: the coloured, round filter and the transparent earplug. The filter already comes delivered inside the larger earplugs (8 – 12 mm). First, insert these earplugs into your ear canal in accordance with the instructions. If this is difficult or feels uncomfortable, try again with the slightly smaller earplugs (6 – 11 mm).

Insertion into your ears: Use one hand to pull the outer ear slightly outwards and upwards, and then carefully insert the earplug into the ear canal until it is in a secure and comfortable position.

Removal from the ears: Remove the earplugs by turning them slowly. Sudden or fast removal may damage the ear drum.



Changing the filter: To remove the filter, press the earplug just under the filter until it ‘pops’ out of the earplug. To insert the filter, ease it into the larger opening of the earplug with the ear symbol facing outwards. The filter should be inserted at a slight angle and upside down. Then, push the ear symbol downwards a little to ensure the filter is correctly positioned inside the hollow area. The filter can only provide the certified noise-reducing effect if it is inserted correctly!


Noise reduction in accordance with EN 24869-1

OHROPAX music exhibits sound insulation values over the entire frequency range.

How can I find out whether the product is suitable for a certain noise exposure?


1. Determine the level of the sound exposure (in dB) at the frequency in question (for example by referring to the device specifications).

2. Subtract the corresponding assumed protection value (also known as the APV and marked as "Angen. Schutz" [Assumed protection level] in the table above) from the sound level.

3. If the result of this subtraction is below 85dB, the product will sufficiently protect your ears against the sound. This applies to a daily exposure period of up to 8 hours.

You can also use the following (approximate) average values for a simpler calculation:

  • SNR value (single number rating, general insulation)
  • H-value (high, for higher frequencies)
  • M-value (medium, for midrange frequencies)
  • L-value (low, for lower frequencies)



Example: A device produces a sound level of 100 dB at a frequency of 1000 Hz. OHROPAX music attenuates this sound exposure by 17.5 dB (the assumed protection value (APV)) at this frequency. A noise exposure of 82.5 dB remains. OHROPAX music is suitable for this use because the resulting value is below 85 dB.


Product information

Colour: transparent, filter insert yellow
Nominal size: 8 to 12 mm (earplug size M) or 6 to 11 mm (earplug size S)
Features: Anatomically shaped lamella earplug with filter insert


General safety information
Reusable earplugs, tested in accordance with EN 352-2:2002. CE mark in accordance with EC Directive 89/686/EEC. The EC type examination (Article 10) was performed by PZT GmbH, An der Junkerei 48F, 26389 Wilhelmshaven, Germany (notified body 1974).

  • Make sure that the earplugs are used in accordance with the instructions and are taken care of.
  • In order to achieve the intended noise reduction, the ear canal needs to be completely sealed by the earplug and the filter must be inserted correctly (see ‘Changing the filter’).
  • Earplugs must be worn without interruption in noisy areas.
  • Please take care to use hygienically in order to reduce the risk of infection. Your hands, ears and the earplugs should be clean and dry.
  • Store the earplugs in the original box.
  • The earplugs may become damaged by sharp objects. Replace the earplugs if tears or wrinkles appear or they are damaged in any other way. 
  • Only use undamaged earplugs and with correctly inserted filters.
  • This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Additional information can be obtained from the manufacturer.


Warning: Failure to comply with these instructions may significantly impair the earplugs’ effectiveness. Keep the earplugs out of reach of small children (small parts may be swallowed).



Uses for OHROPAX music


Private Use

If you want to enjoy loud music or simply want to have some peace and quiet, OHROPAX music is the perfect earplug.


In the Workplace

  • Noise protection is a legal requirement in noisy areas that reach over 85 decibels. OHROPAX music offers a versatile option in such areas and also in open-plan offices.
  • These earplugs do not cause sweating and pressure on the auricle as is the case with capsule ear protectors.
  • People who wear glasses can wear these earplugs without any problems.
  • The earplugs can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and capsule ear protectors.
  • Speech and warning signals can still be heard because the earplugs insulate the sound but do not fully shut it out.



OHROPAX music is considered to be extremely tolerable. It contains no ingredients that are known to cause allergies. Wearing hearing protection may at times require some getting used to. We therefore recommend that you gradually increase the length of time for which you wear your earplugs. In rare cases, you may initially hear your own pulse when wearing the earplugs. This effect will normally go away after a short period of adjustment. 


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