Rapid help for migraines

Earplugs and sleeping mask to reduce irritation

Migraine is a widespread affliction that affects around 18 million people in Germany and is associated with throbbing, hammering headaches. Consequently, sounds, noise or even light can not only be disturbing, but also real torture, in the case of migraine attacks. To do something against migraines, those affected by them often take a step back and try to withdraw from all external stimuli. Earplugs for sensitive ears can therefore be very helpful in the case of migraine attacks. A sleeping mask, for example, helps combat light sensitivity. The sleeping mask should block out as much light as possible and, in particular, should be easy and comfortable to wear. The same applies in the case of earplugs, which should seal the ears as tightly as possible without pressing on them. Depending on the condition of the auditory canal, ON-EAR or IN-EAR plugs may be suitable here.

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