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Small, but powerful. OHROPAX Mini Silicon – the small, but very effective, earplugs. The small but important difference to our proven silicone earplugs is in the smaller size, which is perfectly adapted to people with smaller auditory canals and children. In this way, OHROPAX Mini Silicon ensures a perfect fit in front of the auditory canal and effectively protects the ear against noise and disruptive sound. The ON-EAR plugs are perfect as travel companions, for enabling a restful sleep, for protection against water and wind, and for children. Try out OHROPAX Mini Silicon now – the perfect alternative to conventional earplug sizes.


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Squeeze the earplug firmly several times using clean, dry hands and shape it into a cohesive ball shape.

Do not shape into an elongated form, as the earplug could then slip into the auditory canal. Do not split the earplug. It must be large enough to completely seal the auditory canal from the outside without entering the auditory canal. Do not use if the auditory canal is larger than the earplug. In the case of smaller auditory canals, the excess material is pressed into the outer ear.

Place the clean, dry earplug before the opening of the auditory canal and press in gently until it is fixed in place. If necessary, pull the outer ear to allow the air in the auditory canal to escape and gently press in the earplug again. Make sure that your hands and the earplugs are dry, as otherwise the earplugs will not fix in place and will not seal the auditory canal.

Do not push inside the auditory canal as the earplugs will then be difficult to remove. After use, remove the earplugs carefully without any jerky movements so as not to damage the eardrum. Loosen the earplugs by applying some light pressure from behind and roll them out in one piece using your fingertip. If you have long fingernails, make sure not to damage the earplug. Do not use any tools to remove the earplugs (e.g. cotton buds or tweezers). This may damage the earplugs or push them too deeply inside the auditory canal.