OHROPAX® flight

For a pleasant flight


OHROPAX flight are the perfect companion for a very pleasant flight. The earplugs featuring a patented special filter are specially designed for flying, and they offer peace and quiet as well as regulate pressure equalisation between the ear and the cabin during take-off and landing. The earplugs ensure pleasant sound insulation in the central area, where verbal communication is still possible. At the same time, the patented special filter regulates pressure equalisation between the ear and the cabin, thus counteracting the often unpleasant fluctuations in air pressure during take-off and landing. For travellers with smaller auditory canals, each pack contains a second pair of slightly smaller earplugs, into which the filter can be inserted if necessary. OHROPAX flight earplugs are also suitable for children from school age onwards. The earplugs are washable and reusable.


The facts




Soft plastic




Travelling and flying


Hearing protection involves two parts – the coloured round filter and the transparent earplug. The filters are already inserted in the larger earplugs (M: 8–12 mm).

First insert these earplugs into the auditory canal according to the instructions. If this proves difficult or uncomfortable, try using the slightly smaller earplugs (S: 6–11 mm).

How to insert the earplugs into your ears: reach one hand over your head and pull the outer ear slightly outwards and upwards, gently push the earplug into the auditory canal with the other hand until it is positioned comfortably and well-sealed.