The gentle ear-cleaning spray


Time to wash your ears! Sometimes your ears need a special cleaning to be at their best for hearing. OHROPAX Clean PLUS is a gentle, safe and protective method of removing excess earwax (cerumen) as well as the dust and dirt particles contained in this. A shower or facecloth is not always available. In addition, doctors advise against using cotton buds to clean the ears, as they are more likely to cause damage in the auditory canal and can push cerumen into deeper areas. OHROPAX Clean PLUS is a 100% natural hypertonic sea salt solution for cleaning your ears. Numerous studies have shown that sea salt solutions dissolve the earwax produced by the body by osmotic means and thus promote its natural removal. The spray also prevents the formation of impacted earwax by cleaning the auditory canal. The handy small pump spray bottle has a safety spray head for particularly mild, fine atomisation. No propellant gas or preservatives. The ear spray is suitable for children (aged three years and older) and adults.



Keep your head upright and straight, hold the spray attachment to the opening of the auditory canal and spray one to two times.

For increased effect, massage the ear for a few seconds.

Hold your head at an angle, allow the solution to take effect, then dab the liquid that runs off with the dirt using a clean cloth and dry the ear.

After each use, remove the front attachment from the spray head, rinse with warm water and dry. Use one to two times daily, as required.