A good night’s sleep?

Why a sleeping mask is your friend.

Light can disturb you when all you want is a quiet, peaceful night’s sleep. Many people struggle to get to sleep because of street lighting, ambient light or even moonlight, while in summer the early sunrise can also disrupt your sleep if you prefer not to draw your curtains at night because you don’t want your bedroom to be completely dark. If this applies to you, a sleeping mask will help. Our 3D sleeping mask, for example, is comfortable to wear and blocks out all light – its clever three-dimensional design means there is no pressure on the eyelids, so you can wear it all night without any discomfort and enjoy a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries without worrying about invasive light. And it’s not just at home that a sleeping mask will guarantee you get the sleep you need: when travelling you can for instance have a refreshing nap on the plane or enjoy a sleep free from annoying light in a hotel.