Experience a special sense of well-being with OHROPAX Soft and enjoy the moment when you comfortably escape into a world of relaxation.
OHROPAX Soft is a soft, anatomically shaped earplug made of special skin-friendly foam in a discrete colour, making it practically unnoticeable. It gently expands inside the ear canal and provides comfortable and reliable noise protection.
This product not only proves its worth day after day by meeting the tough demands of occupational health and safety with respect to high noise levels, but also provides its wearers with a luxurious oasis of calm in their private everyday lives.
OHROPAX Soft has a wide range of possible uses, for example at the workplace, for concentrated reading, for DIY activities and when exposed to loud music. It is also recommended for use for relaxation and undisturbed sleep.
Because the product's sound insulation curve remains relatively linear throughout the entire frequency range, the sound sensations remain nearly unchanged, which is especially beneficial when it comes to musical enjoyment.




1. Roll the earplug between clean fingers into a tight cylinder.

2. Pull the ear slightly upward with one hand and insert the rolled earplug deep into the ear canal with the other.

3. Use a finger to hold the earplug in place until it has expanded and is in a secure and comfortable position.





Before using this product to protect your ears against loud noise, please check whether the earplug is suitable for the exposure in question. You can do so by taking the sound insulation values and safety instructions into account (see product information).


Sound Insulation in Accordance with EN 24869-1



OHROPAX Soft exhibits high sound insulation values over the entire frequency range.

How can I find out whether the product is suitable for a certain noise exposure?

1. Determine the level of the sound exposure (in dB) at the frequency in question (for example by referring to the device specifications).
2. Subtract the corresponding assumed protection value (also known as the APV and marked as "Angen. Schutz" [Assumed protection value] in the table above) from the sound level.
3. If the result of this subtraction is below 85dB, the product will sufficiently protect your ears against the sound. This applies to a daily exposure period of up to 8 hours.

You can also use the following (approximate) average values for a simpler calculation:

• SNR value (single number rating, general insulation)
• H-value (high, for higher frequencies)
• M-value (medium, for midrange frequencies)
• L-value (low, for lower frequencies)


Example: A device produces a sound level of 100 dB at a frequency of 1000 Hz. OHROPAX Soft insulates this sound exposure by 28.1 dB (the assumed protection value (APV)) at this frequency. A noise exposure of 71.9 dB remains. OHROPAX Soft is suitable for this use because the resulting value is below 85 dB.



Product Information


Material: Polyurethane foam
Colour: Discrete and skin-coloured
Properties: Anatomically shaped plugs that expand and apply gentle impact to fit the ear canal. The special surface texture additionally improves the fit.

General Safety Instructions

Reusable protective earplugs in accordance with the standard EN 352-2:1993. Tested by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA), Alte Heerstrasse 111, D-53757 Sankt Augustin, notified body 0121.

  • Insert the earplugs carefully as described under directions.
  • Please take care to use hygienically. Ears and earplugs have to be clean and dry!
  • Earplugs must be worn without interruption in noisy areas.
  • The earplugs should be stored in the original box, protected from heat and direct sunlight.
  • The earplugs should be regularly inspected for usability as well as for the necessity of cleaning.
  • For reuse (up to 2 times) clean the surface of the plug with no pressure and a mild soap solution, rinse and leave to air-dry completely. No wringing!
  • This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Additional information can be optained from the manufacturer.
  • Sudden or fast removal of the earplug out of the auditory canal may damage the eardrum.

 Warning: Failure to comply with the directions may significantly impair the earplugs' effectiveness. Keep earplugs out of the reach of small children (danger of swallowing).
Uses for OHROPAX Soft
Private Use
If you are often exposed to noise during your leisure time or would simply like a bit of peace and quiet, OHROPAX Soft is the ideal earplug for you.
It also offers an interesting benefit for music lovers, namely the fact that its sound insulation remains relatively linear throughout the entire frequency range, and only has a very minor impact on the sound experience.
At the Workplace

  • The legal regulations stipulate that noise protection must be worn in areas with exposure to noise in excess of 85 decibels. OHROPAX Soft is suitable for a wide range of uses both in such areas and in large offices.
  • These earplugs do not cause sweating and pressure on the auricle as is the case with capsule ear protectors.
  • People who wear glasses can wear these earplugs without any problems.
  • The earplugs can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and capsule ear protectors.
  • Speech and warning signals can still be noticed because the earplugs insulate sound but do not completely shut it out.

OHROPAX Soft is considered to be extremely tolerable. It contains no ingredients that are known to cause allergies. Wearing hearing protection may at times require some getting used to. We therefore recommend that you gradually increase the length of time to wear your earplugs. In rare cases, you may initially hear your own pulse when wearing the earplugs. This effect will normally go away after a short period of adjustment.



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