From now on, water and wind will have to get used to staying out - thanks to OHROPAX Silicon.
Can summer get any better than splashing around in the water? Having fun with the entire family at the swimming pool, lake or beach is a great holiday pastime and would even be the perfect fun experience if it wasn't for the constant feeling of water in your ears and the unbearable noise. This is where OHROPAX Silicon comes into play, with its easily mouldable watertight material providing excellent protection against water and noise. It helps to keep sensitive children's and adults' ears dry when swimming and splashing about and additionally fades out major noise or sea breezes that get a bit too nippy. With OHROPAX Silicon, you can make the most of luxury ear protection.

OHROPAX Silicon is made of skin-friendly silicone, a versatile material that is ideal for use as ear protection. It is flexible and can be moulded to fit every ear size and provides an effective seal that keeps out environmental influences such as water, noise and wind. Silicone also boasts skin-friendly properties and is therefore comfortable and gentle to wear.
Does noise disturb you? If so, you can use OHROPAX Silicon to simply fade out irritating ambient noises, enabling you to relax in peace, enjoy a good night's sleep or concentrate on your work.



Before using this product to protect your ears against loud noise, please first check whether the earplug is suitable for the exposure in question. You can do so by taking the sound insulation values and safety instructions into account (see product information).


Use entire earplug - don't split! The earplug must be big enough to completely seal your ear on the outside without going into the ear canal. This product may not be suitable for people with bigger ear canals. Press excess material into the outer ear if you have a smaller ear canal.

Knead the plug firmly several times with clean and dry hands to form a smooth and solid ball.


Do not form an elongated shape, as otherwise the earplug could slip into the ear canal.



Place the clean and dry ball over the opening of the ear and then press it down gently until the ear is well sealed. If required, you can gently pull your outer ear back in order to release any air that may be trapped in the ear canal. Then press the ball down gently again.

It is important to ensure that your hands and the earplug are dry, as otherwise the plug cannot stay in place and the ear cannot be properly sealed.


Do not insert the earplug into the ear canal, as it will be difficult to remove.




After use, carefully and smoothly remove the earplug. Avoid abrupt movements so as not to damage your eardrum. Loosen the plug by gently applying pressure to the outer ear and use your fingertip to roll it out of your ear in one piece. If you have long fingernails, take care not to damage the earplug. Do not use any instruments (such as cotton buds or tweezers)! These could damage the plug or push it too deep into the ear canal.



Sound Insulation in Accordance with EN 24869-1



OHROPAX Silicon can also be used to protect your ears against noise. The product exhibits high sound insulation values over the entire frequency range.


How can I find out whether the product is suitable for a certain noise exposure?
1. Determine the level of the sound exposure (in dB) at the frequency in question (for example by referring to the device specifications).
2. Subtract the corresponding assumed protection value (also known as the APV) from the sound level.
3. If the result of this subtraction is below 85dB, the product will sufficiently protect your ears against the sound. This applies to a daily exposure period of up to 8 hours.

You can also use the following (approximate) average values for a simpler calculation:
• SNR value (single number rating, general insulation)
• H-value (high, for higher frequencies)
• M-value (medium, for midrange frequencies)
• L-value (low, for lower frequencies)


Example: A device produces a sound level of 100 dB at a frequency of 1000 Hz. OHROPAX Silicon insulates this sound exposure by 19.1 dB (the assumed protection value (APV)) at this frequency. A noise exposure of 80.9 dB remains. OHROPAX Silicon is suitable for this use because the resulting value is below 85 dB.



Product Information


Material: Skin-friendly silicone
Colour: pink
Properties: Made of a mouldable silicone material. Fits every ear without any pressure.
General Safety Instructions
Reusable protective earplugs that should be moulded before use in accordance with the standard EN 352-2:2002. Tested by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA), notified body 0121, Alte Heerstrasse 111, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany


Never insert the earplug into your ear canal! Use entire earplug! Children (from six years of age) should only use the earplugs under adult supervision. Keep out of reach of small children, as the earplugs could get stuck in the windpipe if swallowed (choking hazard). Do not use when diving at depths greater than 1 m.


Failure to follow these instructions may significantly impair the protective effect of the product.

  • Earplugs must be worn continually in noisy areas.
  • Highly active movements in water, such as jumping or freestyle swimming, may loosen the plugs and cause them to fall out of the ear. Do not use when diving at depths greater than 1 m. Using earplugs hinders the ability to equalise pressure in the ears, which can lead to damage to the eardrum at high water pressures.
  • The plugs can be reused multiple times as long as they are clean. Replace soiled earplugs or earplugs that have become less effective over time. Slight soiling from earwax can be removed with mild soap. Clean the surface of the earplugs, then rinse them thoroughly and leave them to dry.
  • Children should only use the earplugs if they are six years of age or older, and only under adult supervision. Younger children often find it difficult to assess the correct fit of an earplug so that a seal is formed. Their small outer ears and ear canals are also especially sensitive and still growing, and often adult hearing protection is not suitable for them.
  • Ask your physician before using earplugs if you have an ear infection, an eardrum injury or a grommet inside the ear.
  • Store the clean and dry plugs in their original packaging at a temperature below 30°C and keep away from direct sunlight
  • The earplugs are made of non-toxic silicone. If an earplug is accidentally swallowed, your body will pass it undigested safely and naturally.
  • If an earplug is inadvertently inserted so deep into your ear canal that it can no longer be removed with your fingers, please consult an ENT specialist to have it removed. This person has the experience and the correct instruments to remove the earplugs safely. Never attempt to remove the plug yourself in this case!
  • Sudden or abrupt removal of the earplug from the external ear canal may damage the eardrum due to low pressure.
  • This product may be affected by certain chemical substances (such as hand cream). Avoid contact with oil-based creams and lotions. For more information, please contact the manufacturer.


Uses for OHROPAX Silicon as Noise Protection
Private Use
OHROPAX Silicon is extremely comfortable to wear and is therefore ideal for use for sleep, relaxation, a sense of well-being and meditation. It is also recommended for any work requiring concentration, DIY activities and loud music.
At the Workplace

  • OHROPAX Silicon is particularly suitable for use in so-called 'non-classic noise areas' such as large offices and computer centres (noise level: <75 dB(A)).
  • Due to the materials used, OHROPAX Silicon is not suitable for use in workplaces containing large amounts of dirt and/or dust.
  • OHROPAX Silicon is immediately ready for use. In contrast to foam plugs, you do not have to wait for these plugs to expand.
  • These earplugs do not cause sweating and pressure on the auricle as is the case with capsule ear protectors.
  • People who wear glasses can wear these earplugs without any problems.
  • The earplugs can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and capsule ear protectors.
  • Speech and warning signals can still be heard because the earplugs insulate the sound but do not fully shut it out.

OHROPAX Silicon is considered to be extremely tolerable. It contains no ingredients that are known to cause allergies. Wearing hearing protection may at times requires some getting used to. We therefore recommend that you gradually increase the length of time for which you wear your earplugs. In rare cases, you may initially hear your own pulse when wearing the earplugs. This effect will normally go away after a short period of adjustment.



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