What Can Be Done Against Noise?

Avoiding Noise

It is common knowledge that noise damages the sensitive human auditory system. A multitude of regulations are now in place, and technical options now available to prevent and reduce noise. Despite this, it still seems as though noise pollution is currently increasing rather than decreasing. It is therefore important that everyone actively strives to protect their hearing before this noise causes damage. There are a number of hearing protection measures available for this purpose:

  • OHROPAX earplugs are the universal alternative, in particular when it comes to private use. They are effective, small, suitable for all ear canals and easy to use.
  • Occupational health and safety also makes use of efficient capsule ear protectors, but these sometimes cause distracting pressure, may have an inadequate seal when worn by people who wear glasses, and cause perspiration.
  • Earmoulds are individually manufactured inserts that are placed in the ear canal. They can be combined with special filter inserts that provide targeted insulation for specific frequency areas, for example for use by professional musicians. Earmoulds are pricey and require elaborate adjustment.

Different Materials

OHROPAX offers plugs made from a variety of materials. All of these earplugs exhibit outstanding attenuation values, are comfortable to wear and are suitable for an extremely wide variety of noise situations. Try out our OHROPAX plugs for yourself and find out which model is the most convenient for you.

When wearing earplugs, there is no need to worry about being completely cut off from your surroundings. The plugs insulate the sound but do not fully shut it out, meaning that you can still perceive certain residual noises.