Two types of earplugs - your ear decides


Ear canals vary considerably in size and shape.


No ear is like the other. Each ear conch is shaped differently. The ear canal can be big, small, round or flat. What is more, all ears have different levels of pressure sensitivity. Hence, to meet all these requirements our products differ in size, shape, material and application type (IN-EAR and ON-EAR earplugs). Offering such a versatile product range makes it really easy for you to find earplugs that perfectly suit your needs and your ears.


ON-EAR earplugs

act before the ear canal.

They are rolled into a ball, placed in front of the ear canal opening and gently pressed. This makes a tight seal. Since the ear canal is covered with an earplug from the outside, ear canal size doesn’t matter. ON-EAR earplugs are made of skin-friendly, formable materials (wax/cotton wool or silicone).



























IN-EAR earplugs

act directly in the ear canal.

The resilient foam plugs are tightly rolled, inserted deep into the ear canal and held for 30 to 60 seconds until they have been fully extended. Lamellae plugs are inserted directly using the handle.